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All of our doctors are Board-Certified, PMR specialists.

All of the doctors are Silver State Spinecare are Board Certified in our primary specialty called PMR, which stands for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Further, we are all Double Board Certified by the ABIME as Independent Medical Examiners.

All this training makes us Medical Experts in the area of finding the cause of spinal pain. Using x-ray, CT, MRI, Physical Exams, EMG Nerve Studies and focused injections we can discover the cause of your pain.

Because of our special expertise in using EMG Nerve Tests, we are also experts in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The best way to understand our expertise is to consider that spine surgeons are experts in surgical treatment of spine problems whereas; we are the experts in finding non-surgical treatments of spine problems.

To enter Medical School, we had to complete undergraduate University Studies that met the criteria for entrance to Medical School with a high enough GPA to be accepted to Medical Schools in America. In addition, to be accepted to Medical School we needed to pass a test known as the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). (This is like the SAT or ACT test but focused on information needed to succeed in Medical School.)

So, after 4 years of College, we complete an additional 4 years of Medical School. This is followed by 4 years of Intensive Training in our Medical Specialty.

I always explain it this way, “Once you complete high school, you are halfway there.” I say this because after 12 years of school to graduate from high school, we then complete an additional 12 years of schooling to be ready to start seeing patients.

Our Specialty is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR). This is a Specialty that was developed beginning in 1926 by Dr. Coulter who recognized a need for physicians trained in diagnosing muscle, bone, and ligament injuries and conditions using non-surgical means. Dr. Krusen started the first Residency Program in the Specialty in 1936, at the Mayo Clinic.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians are also sometimes known as “physiatrists” (fizz-ee-at’-trists); however, we never use that term because it can be confused with the words “psychiatrists” and “podiatrists”. Some also refer to us as Rehab Physicians but we do not typically use that term either, since it can bring up confusion with drug rehab or alcohol rehab, which is usually directed by psychiatrists.

Therefore, we usually refer to ourselves as PMR Physicians since that way there is no confusion.

PMR Physicians receive 4 years of training after Medical School. The training includes expertise in physical exams and other evaluations of all the bones, muscles, and nerves in the body.

All PMR Physicians receive training in Spinal Cord Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Sports Injuries and Pediatric Rehabilitation; however, some PMR Physicians specialize in these areas. Those who receive extra training in these sub-specialties work at hospitals specializing in these niche areas.

We have special training in treatment of spinal disorders and nerve disorders including the ability to do spinal injections and EMG Nerve tests.

Some of the PMR Residency training we receive that applies to our practice is reading MRI scans, X-rays and CT Scans to find anatomical problems that relate to the pain that patients are suffering from.

We also receive Special Training in EMG Nerve tests and are the only specialty that is required to complete 200 EMG Nerve Tests to graduate from Residency. This requirement is different compared to neurologists who also sometimes do EMG Nerve Tests. If neurologists want to do EMG Nerve Tests, they typically must take additional training after their Residency.

Although we are not a well-known specialty, those who know us are glad they do.

Most patients are searching for answers from experts with training that can help them avoid surgery — and we are those experts.

If that is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. We would love for you to click and enter info so that we can contact you for an appointment. You can also call us and we will get you scheduled at a time that is convenient for your schedule, so you can be on the road to healing without surgery.

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