Facet Joint

Facet Joint Pain also known as Z-Joint Pain occurs when the joints of the spine become irritated or inflamed. These joints are often irritated by auto accidents. They also can be affected by wear and tear over time like other joints and this is known as the spinal form of arthritis.

The pain from these joints is usually felt directly in the location of the joint but can also radiate pain in the area. It can even cause irritation of the nerves, causing a chemical radiculitis.


Treatment usually starts with placement of anesthetic and steroid into the joint to confirm the joint as the cause of pain and treat the inflammation. If the placement of the anesthetic and steroids confirms the joint as the cause but does not offer long- term relief, then radiofrequency ablation may be an option.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency Ablation or (RFA) is a new option for treating facet pain and involves cauterizing the medial branch nerve that carries the signal from the joint to the brain. In order to decide if ablation will work, medial branch blocks are usually carried out to anesthetize the nerve and confirm that the pain is coming from the joints.

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