When damage occurs to the nerve as it exits the spine, it is known as radiculopathy.

Radiculitis can cause similar symptoms as radiculopathy but the difference is that there is no damage to the nerve. While Radiculitis results from inflammation of the nerve, radiculopathy means that the nerve itself has undergone remodeling related to the damage.

Symptoms of Radiculopathy

Both conditions can cause pain, numbness, and even weakness. The only way to truly differentiate them is by using EMG Nerve Tests. These EMGs are able to test the physiology of the nerve and determine if there has been damage to the nerve or if the nerve is simply not working well due to conduction block associated with the inflammation of the nerve.

It is key to discover whether the symptoms are due to inflammation or damage since inflammation often responds to epidural steroid placement but damage often requires decompression to heal the nerve.

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