At Silver State Spinecare, we treat a variety of neck, back, and spine conditions using non-invasive methods.

  • What We Treat

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Spine Pain

We are experts at finding solutions to many spine related problems using non-surgical treatments. We have 4 years of Medical School Training and an additional 4 years of Specialty Training.

When people say, “My friend and I both have the same thing, — Low Back Pain,” what they often do not realize is that while they may both have pain, the causes may be very different.

Here at Silver State Spinecare we realize that every person is unique. Their story is unique and their pain is unique. There are many different pain generators and often times a patient may have more than one pain generator at the same time.

Given the complex nature of figuring out the source of pain, we know that the key is taking the time to listen to you, examine you, and use the latest technology to find the cause for your pain.

Before we talk about the conditions, we need to discuss what tissues and structures are involved in the spine that could be causing the pain in the first place.

The spine is made up of 7 cervical (neck), 12 thoracic (mid-back), and 5 lumbar (low back) vertebrae (bones). In training, the memory aid is “breakfast, lunch and dinner” because most people eat breakfast at 7, lunch at 12 and dinner at 5.

Attached to the bottom of the mobile spine is the sacrum comprised of 5 fused vertebrae, and attached to that is the coccyx, known as the tailbone.

Associated with the bones of the spine are the joints between the levels. These joints have a capsule with joint fluid in the capsule to allow free and easy movement of the joints.

Connecting the bones to each other are many small, medium, and large ligaments.

Attached to the bones of the spine are muscles that provide an anchor for the arms and legs to move, as well as for the spine to move.

These primary structures are surrounded by blood vessels to supply nutrients to the tissues. Fatty tissues provide insulation and then it is all covered by skin.

In addition, nerves travel out from and return to the spine so that information can be carried to the brain or instructions from the brain to the muscles through the spinal cord.

Any of these structures can become injured or diseased and cause pain or other symptoms like numbness and weakness.

Common Conditions

After a car accident, we have the expertise to diagnose and treat a variety of back, spine, and neck injuries you may be suffering from.

Disc Herniation

A problem with a rubbery disc between the spinal bones.


Pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve.

Facet Joint

Pair of small joints in between the vertebrae and back of the spine.

Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) Pain

Pain commonly felt in the low back or buttock.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain disorder causing pain and inflammation in muscles.

Spinal Stenosis

Narrowing of spaces within your spine which can put pressure on nerves within your spine.


Symptoms produced by pinching of nerve root in the spinal column.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Numbness and tingling in the hand and arm.

Other Conditions

We are able to recognize a variety of conditions causing your pain.

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