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2509, 2015

Treating Spinal Stenosis Without Surgery

September 25th, 2015|

An estimated 31 million Americans suffer from back pain at any given time. It is no surprise then, that lower back pain is the leading cause for missed work and disability claims among employed individuals across the country. While the causes of back pain ...

1305, 2015

How to Treat Sciatica Pain from a Herniated Disc

May 13th, 2015|

It is common to experience lower back or leg pain at some point in your life, but the causes can vary greatly from individual to individual. In some cases, this pain is referred to as sciatica – a general term for the collective symptoms ...

1103, 2015

I Have Whiplash: Should I See a Doctor About My Neck Pain?

March 11th, 2015|

After a rear collision car accident, one of the most common outcomes is a passenger or driver that experiences neck pain whiplash and resulting severe neck pain or spine pain. Those involved in a car crash where the vehicle is stationary may be thrown forward, ...

402, 2015

Spine Care vs Chiropractors

February 4th, 2015|

Lower back pain is more common than you think The majority of adults will experience some degree of lower back pain during their lifetime, most without fully understanding its cause. While most minor back pain will subside after six to eight weeks, those who ...

1111, 2014

Using Epidurals for Back Pain Relief

November 11th, 2014|

Epidurals can help ease neck or back pain Let us help you ease your pain. Our doctors are specialists in non-operative medical treatments for back pain, neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Our goal is to help you feel like yourself again! We helped ...