Epidurals can help ease neck or back pain

Let us help you ease your pain. Our doctors are specialists in non-operative medical treatments for back pain, neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Our goal is to help you feel like yourself again! We helped one of our patients who was suffering from back pain after shoveling snow. The pain was radiating down his right leg so he was sent in for an MRI which showed that the pain was due to a disc herniation at the lowest disc level. Because there was a disc herniation, we recommended an epidural to help the disc heal.

What is sciatica pain?

Epidurals are done by injecting steroid medications directly into the epidural space (the space surrounding the nerves within the spinal canal), typically to ease sciatica pain. Sciatica pain is also known as disc pain or radiating leg-pain. Acute sciatica is described as low back pain that extends below the knee for six weeks or less. These are both often caused by nerve irritation from discs in the lower back.

Epidurals for back pain resolution

Once we explained how the epidural works and how it would help, our patient became comfortable with it and agreed to the procedure. Using X-ray guidance, his epidural was completed at the location where the MRI indicated his disc problem was. The procedure only took about five minutes and he reported an improved condition within the same day.

After the procedure, he completed physical therapy to strengthen his back and improve body mechanics to prevent future symptoms. He also bought a snow blower so he’ll be ready next time a winter storm hits. If you’re experiencing pain and looking for a neck or back specialist in Reno, call us today to schedule an appointment and let’s start working on getting you better!

Key features of using epidurals back pain relief:

  • Anesthetic confirms the pain is from the epidural area

  • Steroids block inflammation from returning to the area

  • Placing the solution flushes inflammation out of the area

  • X-ray helps precisely place the solution in the correct location

  • Blocking inflammation:

    • Allows you to be more active
    • Gives your body a chance to heal
    • Allows physical therapy and chiropractic care to be more effective
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