After a rear collision car accident, one of the most common outcomes is a passenger or driver that experiences neck pain whiplash and resulting severe neck pain or spine pain. Those involved in a car crash where the vehicle is stationary may be thrown forward, causing the head and neck to extend in an unnatural manner and then snap back quickly. This results in symptoms associated with whiplash that can range from moderate to severe, most commonly neck pain. The most common symptoms include stiffness of the neck and shoulders as well as constant pain. Headaches may also be a symptom of whiplash, as well as spine pain that radiates throughout the back. Although whiplash that takes place during a car accident is not a life threatening injury, it is typically necessary to see a spine specialist after the whiplash neck injury occurs to ensure major issues are not present and that neck pain from a car accident is remedied.

More severe symptoms of whiplash

In some cases, individuals who have been involved in a car crash will not experience symptoms of whiplash immediately. Instead, days or weeks can go by before there are any signs that whiplash occurred or neck pain that presents some cause for concern. In addition to neck pain and spine pain, car accident victims can experience symptoms of whiplash neck injury that are far more severe, including fatigue, dizziness, jaw and arm pain as well as visual disturbances. Because these symptoms can mean a greater issue is at play than whiplash alone, it is important for car crash victims experiencing these symptoms in addition to neck pain to visit a spine specialist shortly after the car accident takes place. When whiplash is not treated correctly, individuals can develop more chronic symptoms including depression and anxiety, stress, sleep disturbance and the potential drug dependency.

In order to reduce the potential for more severe whiplash symptoms and chronic neck pain, car accident victims can visit Silver State Spine Care to discuss diagnosis and non-invasive treatment options with a spine specialist who is well versed in whiplash neck injury. For most patients, treatment can be as simple as a combination of pain medication and the use of a firm, supporting pillow. For others, neck pain from a car accident may be reduced through physiotherapy treatments including traction or manipulation, as well as heat regimens. Victims of car accidents should speak with a spine specialist to ensure whiplash is the correct diagnosis and the right treatment plan is set in motion to avoid more severe symptoms.

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